3 Home Sites Remaining

Most families have begun designing thier homes and the plans look great! We have managed to salvage quite a bit of wood from the old school, which we plan to put back into the houses.  Looking forward to a summer BBQ on the Commons...


We are hosting a Green Building Panel Discussion and it would be great if you could join us.

Some Press

Lee Fehrenbacher with The Daily Journal of Commerce wrote a very accurate piece on close-in community oriented housing projects and he featured Waverly Commons.  Check it out:

The Story of The Icelandic War Bride

Second 'Soup Night' Coming Up...

We're heading over to Deb and Damian's place along with a handfull of other future Waverly families for an early dinner this Sunday.  Should be fun...

In the News

The Oregonian decided to run a story on the project.  Check it out

We Now Own It!

As of Monday this week, we became the proud owners of two acres in the heart of South East Portland!  Building deconstruction has commenced as well.

The Quick Skinny

My apologies for not updating this blog sooner!

We will start deconstruction and demolition on the site December 1 which we anticipate taking 60-90 days.   We have begun designing to commons and a few of our first homes which will both start to get built early Spring.

Since the last blog update we presented at another Richmond Neighborhood Association meeting, hosted a construction information session for neighbors and held an informal open house.

Richmond Neighborhood Association Meeting

Please join us at the Richmond Neighborhood Association Meeting where we will discuss the project.

When:  August 8th at 7:00 pm

Where: 3300 SE Woodward Street.


Don't worry, if you can't make the Aug. 8th meeting, we will have a second one.  Please provide your contact information and we will send out an update on the details for the next meeting.