Community Solar Purchase - RFP


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Q. The RFP states that 'the pricing provided by the contractor may change' due to the anticipated time period of 9-18 months for full build out of the development. Is the pricing schedule we will be providing in the proposal for the initial enrollment period outlined in the RFP Timeline with future pricing to be negotiated?
A. We anticipate that there may be a need for more than one enrollment period for folks to sign up for the Solarize opportunity. This is because the timing of construction will vary among the individual owners building in Waverly Commons. When combined with potential price and/or incentive changes in the market, it made sense to us to have contractor(s) fix their pricing proposal for a period of time. This is intended to preserve the flexibility to update and change the offer in a second offering to capture new people initating construction at a later stage of the overall project. The need to revisit and potentially issue a second offer will depend upon how many homeowners commit in the first round. We will certainly engage with the contractor(s) to negotiate specific needs for a second bid and the timing if it.

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Here is a useful link to Energy Trust of Oregon Incentives for Solar:

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We currently have 7 homes under construction and 3 families living at Waverly Commons.   We'll have one more house available for sale in about eight months or so, but we are waiting until we get further along with the planning, permitting and construction process before we price it and sell it.

Let us know if you'd like to be notified when this last home is completed and available.  We're also in early stages on a few other houses nearby that will likely be ready in the same time-frame.  The best way to get in touch is to send an email to and I'll reach out to you in the coming months.

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